About Us

Colorful grid of twelve unique yumie faces

You. Me. World.

Two designers, from two different continents, with a shared aesthetic for flat colors, chunky lines and all things nostalgic, decided to team up. They just needed a theme or some sort of hero to emerge. Boom. Here came Yumie.

What exactly is Yumie? The simple answer is: It’s you. It’s me. It’s whatever it wants to be. Much like no two people are the same, no two Yumies are the same. Yumie can be a strawberry or a pirate. Yumie can love classic hip hop or honky tonk. Yumie can be sunshine or rain.

A brand without boundaries celebrating kids and childish adults. There is no guys section or gals section. There is only a world section. So, you be you. Let me be me. And together, let's all celebrate Yumie.